Sunday, December 2, 2012

Italian Diet

I've been given a challenge of sorts: recently I got into a discussion about food & fitness and the importance of balance and the need for both in order to not only make lifestyle changes but a positive difference to matter what one's nutrition/fitness goals may be. I was told that if I adhered to a specific diet (namely Italian, for example), I would not only gain a minimum of 30+ pounds but get sick.

I disagreed. I truly believe that I can remain athletic and stick to my nutritional choices even if I were to follow a specific diet. And so a bet was formed: starting January 2013, for one entire YEAR I am to cook Italian meals. I don't know if this was a moment of weakness because I truly do LOVE all things Italian and was secretly harboring a reason to learn more about the culture, customs, people, and of course: food.  Or if I didn't want to be wrong. Either way, I refuse to lose, even if it means I sacrifice sleep to put in an extra workout in the morning or have to go twice a day. This girl is not getting chunky thighs or getting fat. The stakes? The winner gets an all expense paid 10-day Wine & Dine trip to Italy! :)

More details about this to come later...specifically since I want to have this in writing and then there shall be no backing out of no bets. I'm excited. I've always wanted to wine and dine my way through Italy. Why not make it happen?