Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Post Workout Protein

ahhhhh YES, this is tasting even better than I can begin to describe! :)
    1/2 cup organic milk + 1/2 cup water
    1/2 cup oatmeal
    1/2 tsp honey
    1 tsp flax seed
    1/4 tsp cinnamon
    1 ripe peach (or fruit of choice)

So proud to have stayed strong and true to my workout schedule this week. I feel amazing. Every Wednesday I challenge myself to a double workout routine: 45-50 minute cardio, followed by either a strength training class at my gym, or my own total body conditioning plan. I enjoy perusing various workouts and exercises to target the major muscle groups and jotting down a list to take along with me to the gym. Not only am I in the company of fellow fitness minded folks, I can take the time to stay focused.  Although my weight has remained the same (yes, I do step onto the scales from time to time), I feel leaner and that's perfect. At times, results may not be easily noticeable. However, that does NOT mean there's no progress. There IS. Have faith. Keep going. Don't give up. :) 

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Moroccan Burger Night...yes please!

Just for clarification purposes: it's turkey burger. :) A bit more leaner and greener...yet does not compromise the commitment to eat leaner without giving up the delicious taste of having a grilled burger.

This week while cycling, I came across this appetizing Moroccan burger spice mix recipe in one of my nutrition newsletters. Thus I knew it was time to grill and give this burger a taste test. The verdict?

flavorful and perfectly aromatic; definitely will be making this turkey burger again! :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Excited about Italian!

It was time for Italian night! Been wanting to get my apron on and cook up my own spaghetti sauce...and tonight was it. :) Recipe for a successful dinner:

1) play some happy tunes. :) 
2) gather & prep all sauce ingredients...while they simmer,
3) start on italian meatballs. Whew! Let's just say mine didn't quite turn out nice and round, yet they were nonetheless tasty! Tip for next time: baked meatballs.
4) roast garlic. Keep it warm in the oven with the bread until time to set the table. 
5) prep pasta (set pot w/ water; seasonings; pasta nearby)
6) assemble the fresh greens salad. make a basil vinaigrette dressing to compliment the fresh tomatoes and lettuce. 

As all the dinner items come together, the sense of pride in completing a homemade meal is unmistakeable! It may take some time in planning and gaining experience; however, it's nothing compared to frozen meals.  

Saturday, May 25, 2013

weekend warrior

For some, there's a whole new definition to the term: weekend warrior. As opposed to slacking off or letting life's busy days get the best of me, I do my best one day at a time. I stay strong. I pull myself out of bed at the wee hours of the morning even when I don't feel like it and remind myself it IS worth it.

I LOVE the way I feel after an especially sweat-drenched class or workout session, and I smile remembering how difficult it was hours before...talking myself into not hitting snooze.

This weekend warrior hit the grocery store late at night to avoid all the shoppers and am all set to snack on fruits and got my veggies in for a few meals I got planned this weekend.

See that amazingly thin stalked asparagus? It shall accompany the Gorgonzola + Garlic mashed potatoes, sweet corn + basil salad, and lemon-garlic chicken. :) Yes, I can't wait!   

Friday, May 24, 2013


"It is, in my view, the duty of an apple to be crisp and crunchable, 
but a pear should have such a texture as leads to silent consumption."
-E. Bunyard 'The Anatomy of Desert'

Cruising the isles of the market, I spotted some pears and instantly remembered a recipe I had skipped over recently while online. On impulse, I purchased them and eagerly headed home to experiment. This recipe has been modified from the Rustic Pear Tart.

NOTE: Not a huge fan of butter, the attempt is to incorporate as many healthy substitutions as situation allows.  In the above recipe, 3/4 of the butter was substituted for applesauce yet some was included to help the crust stay intact and not turn mushy. Although I've not perfected all recipes where butter is entirely eliminated, I am open to suggestions from fellow healthy bakers. :)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS....happening as usual!  So it's no secret I'm a huge advocate of this mealtime, but just for the record, here's a few other terrific reasons for treating yourself in the early morning hours of a new day:

- it's super simple to prepare
- great post-workout refuel!
- colorful and fresh ingredients
- powering up for the remainder of morning
- making the most of morning inspiration
- something to look forward to as you sweat away during your morning workout session.

What's not to love? I'm certain others agree with me and can contribute at least another dozen reasons for making breakfast happen for YOU first thing in the day.

Breakfast Burrito: any combination of vegetables, add a scrabbled egg. Top with fresh herbs (cilantro here), choice of seasonings...and sink your teeth into something super tasty. enjoy... 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

With spring days transitioning into summer, the baby greens (aka tomato plants) are happily growing and getting plenty of sunshine. I'm not quite a green thumb, so last year was a major success with basil and onion growing on my deck. :)

This year, even amidst the winter days, I started my seedlings earlier and added cilantro & parsley to my herb garden. Not only are herbs incredibly easy to grow, but they're one of the reasons I wake up in the mornings and start smiling.

I feel proud to have healthy-looking plants & know it's only so long before they shall be gracing my meals with their presence. What's NOT to smile about? :) I know I have much to learn but every baby step in the right direction is to be celebrated & I'm happy to join other fellow foodies and gardeners out there. Celebrate with me? :) 

Friday, May 17, 2013

2 eggs, hardboiled & diced
1 green onion, chopped
2-3 Tbsp plain greek yogurt
salt & pepper

Mix and season to taste...and viola! Instant gratifying lunch. :) Not only super simple but colorful and actually fun to make. Note that I substituted greek yogurt for mayo, as I don't particularly care for mayo in general.

On the rare occasion I DO use mayo, I make it myself; none of that store-bought, artificial coloring and flavoring added stuff for this gal. I workout too hard to jeopardize my healthy by eating artificial foods. 

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Make your Wednesday WORTH it! :) Challenge yourself to not only do your usual exercise routine but to double what you normally do. After this morning, I was wiped - no lie. :) Goes to show that no matter how fit one may be, there are some days that just whip you. This morning, it was a 45-min Cardio session, followed by a 1-hr long Body Pump class at my gym. Thankfully I brought along a protein smoothie as a post recovery refuel...and afterwards catching some morning sunbeams off my deck.