Saturday, May 18, 2013

With spring days transitioning into summer, the baby greens (aka tomato plants) are happily growing and getting plenty of sunshine. I'm not quite a green thumb, so last year was a major success with basil and onion growing on my deck. :)

This year, even amidst the winter days, I started my seedlings earlier and added cilantro & parsley to my herb garden. Not only are herbs incredibly easy to grow, but they're one of the reasons I wake up in the mornings and start smiling.

I feel proud to have healthy-looking plants & know it's only so long before they shall be gracing my meals with their presence. What's NOT to smile about? :) I know I have much to learn but every baby step in the right direction is to be celebrated & I'm happy to join other fellow foodies and gardeners out there. Celebrate with me? :) 

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