Monday, May 27, 2013

Excited about Italian!

It was time for Italian night! Been wanting to get my apron on and cook up my own spaghetti sauce...and tonight was it. :) Recipe for a successful dinner:

1) play some happy tunes. :) 
2) gather & prep all sauce ingredients...while they simmer,
3) start on italian meatballs. Whew! Let's just say mine didn't quite turn out nice and round, yet they were nonetheless tasty! Tip for next time: baked meatballs.
4) roast garlic. Keep it warm in the oven with the bread until time to set the table. 
5) prep pasta (set pot w/ water; seasonings; pasta nearby)
6) assemble the fresh greens salad. make a basil vinaigrette dressing to compliment the fresh tomatoes and lettuce. 

As all the dinner items come together, the sense of pride in completing a homemade meal is unmistakeable! It may take some time in planning and gaining experience; however, it's nothing compared to frozen meals.  

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