Saturday, May 25, 2013

weekend warrior

For some, there's a whole new definition to the term: weekend warrior. As opposed to slacking off or letting life's busy days get the best of me, I do my best one day at a time. I stay strong. I pull myself out of bed at the wee hours of the morning even when I don't feel like it and remind myself it IS worth it.

I LOVE the way I feel after an especially sweat-drenched class or workout session, and I smile remembering how difficult it was hours before...talking myself into not hitting snooze.

This weekend warrior hit the grocery store late at night to avoid all the shoppers and am all set to snack on fruits and got my veggies in for a few meals I got planned this weekend.

See that amazingly thin stalked asparagus? It shall accompany the Gorgonzola + Garlic mashed potatoes, sweet corn + basil salad, and lemon-garlic chicken. :) Yes, I can't wait!   

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