Sunday, June 3, 2012

Sunday Splurge: Starbucks

Sure, we all fall off the wagon at times. But what's important to remember is that treats are ok - so long as you keep in mind one simple key: moderation.

Although I train hard for upcoming athletic events, or even if I'm sticking religiously to my workout calendar, I'm still aware of fat/calories/sugar in sweets and cafe treats.

I enjoy going out with friends or even spending a lazy Sunday afternoon at a neighborhood cafe, tasting my way through an apple pastry while reading (or writing). :) And of course it's no secret I enjoy baking. But I'm always on the lookout how to make things healthier...and how much of a good thing I'm eating. You know what they say: it all goes straight to your hips. ;) (just kidding, of course) 

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