Friday, August 30, 2013

Fitness Closet

Fitness Girl Problems:

1) having more workout clothes in my closet vs work + going out outfits. Yes, that's a REAL problem! :)

2) the 'Active Wear' section of the store is the first place I go to the minute I step through the doors. It's not intentional...

3) Buying not one but TWO pairs of athletic shoes is perfectly normal.

4) No matter how much I downsize my closet, there's always some tees that get deemed as 'gym' bound...

5) Every New Years Eve finds me resolving to become more fashionable: street smart and edgy. And I am getting better. But...

In truth, most days I not only sleep in yoga pants but go out and about in comfy attire. Although it's athletic and casual, I realize I must find a happy balance within my closet. It is true though, I am most CONTENT being in my element. And that's all that matters. :) 

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