Friday, June 14, 2013


HAPPY FRIDAY! This morning was about pushing myself beyond the comfort zone: I'm soaked but feeling super proud and incredible.

Thanks to my TIU team and inspiring trainers, I joined the ranks of thousands of other fitness minded and health driven folks in posting photos of inspiration on Instagram, whether those be of delicious meals, outdoor adventures, or gym accomplishments.

For those not familiar with TIU, it stands for Tone It Up, created by friends and trainers Karina & Katrina (check out their webpage here). This week I was fondly remembering when those gals first started out and am incredibly pleased to see how far they have come - not only being featured in several fitness magazines but also putting out their own fitness DVDs. It's inspiring. Reminds me of my college friend and roomie. She was a HUGE source of motivation and I marveled at her inner strength to stay focused on her fitness goals: To never give up no matter what barriers where before her. Here's to my Shays out there! YOU may very well be inspiring someone without realizing it. So never give up. Always stay strong. :) 

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