Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Time for Twitter?

Not sure where this shall take me as I purposely refrained from joining as Twitter exploded online.... But tonight my curiosity got the better of me and I figured: WHY NOT? :) So as sadly as it appears to the right, I have no follows as of this moment. However, most importantly, I want to be there for my fellow minded food & fitness friends.    Our society spotlights fitness and health in many angles, both positively and negatively depending on the source.  If I can be one of those who shares inspiration and encouragement for those seeking it, I shall indeed be satisfied.   So this is for YOU as much as it is for me. To dream BIG. To stay Strong. To never give up. To take small steps in making significant lifestyle changes. To share the light. To spread the truth. To discover and continue on this fitness journey empowered and supported by many who are striving for the same healthy lifestyles. We got this friends! 

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